Giving God Our Firsts!

This week I’ve been asking the Lord how I can give Him the first and the best of me. He’s put things on my heart I never thought of before and I want to share them with you. What would it look like to give God the first part of everything???

Such as…

Our First Thoughts – instead of grabbing the phone and checking our email, social media, schedule for the day, click the Bible App on the phone and read the scripture of the day before even getting out of bed.

Our First Words – even if all we say is, “Thank you, Lord, for this new day”.

Our First few moments or hour of the day – spend time in prayer, worship, reading the Word. We can do this in the quiet of your room, on a walk, or stopping by a river or park on the way to work.

First of our plans – so often we make our plans and ask the Lord to please bless them. What if we came to the Lord FIRST and asked Him to show us His plans for our day or our month? How does He want to use us, how does He want to put our gifts and talents to work for Him? Gifts and talents He gave us anyway.

The First of our Income – there are multiple scriptures on giving the first and best of our income. I remember my father telling me as a kid, ‘you can’t out give God’. He taught me the important principle of giving my tithe first, and then paying bills. I can tell you my husband and I went through some VERY lean times, but we never went without. God has always honored our obedience in this area and blessed us in ways we never imagined.

What are some other firsts we can give God; I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

The truth is if we approached our daily life this way, giving God the firsts, we’d be a much less stressed out, on the go, out of control group of people.

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