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I believe Christian Leaders who live healthy, harmonious lives will rock this world for Jesus. I also know those same leaders face many challenges. The first statement alone can feel like an overwhelming weight on your shoulders.

What I Can Offer You in Coaching!

My Areas of Expertise …

Ministry / Life Balance – I’m very aware of the overwhelming demands that ministry leaders face. I’ve spent over 27 years as a counselor working with leaders in places of trauma and pain. I bring what I’ve learned there into my coaching of leaders now. I believe coaching is a preventative to burn out.

Spiritual Growth & Emotional Intelligence – These two often go hand in hand with ministry/life balance. Many leaders are becoming more aware of the need to grow spiritually and develop their emotional intelligence in order to lead well and find joy in their life.

Spiritually – It’s a very difficult thing for a pastor to admit their spiritual life is lacking, but it’s an all too common issue. I understand how the overwhelming, often painful aspects of ministry can create wounds in a leader’s heart that lead to unintended walls with the Lord. I’ll be that safe, non-judgmental person to walk alongside you in this process of honesty and healing.

Emotionally – It’s no secret that the top leaders in today’s world are very high in Emotional Intelligence and the good news is it’s a skill you can learn and grow in. Through utilizing assessments together we can create practices that help you become more self aware as well as others aware. This will improve your ability to lead your team well both at home and work.

Developing Strengths – As a Certified Strengths Champion Coach, I can help you turn your talents into strengths and leverage them to become the best leader for your home and work team.

Team – I can also help you and your team discover all the strengths represented and how to utilize them to empower your team toward unity, productivity and fulfillment of it’s mission.

Building a Healthy Team Culture – Utilizing my experience as a church staff member, as well as years of counseling and now coaching church staff, I can help you build a healthy culture within your church or organization. A culture that’s built on mutual respect and God honoring principals.

CONFLICT – Toxic conflict has derailed many Christian leaders and teams. I’ve developed methods for coaching a leader and their team to utilize conflict for deeper connection and productivity! Conflict is a pathway to growth when it’s harnessed correctly.

Coaching a Team on Time Management 

Values Based Time Budget – I’ve created a tool to teach people and/or teams to work more efficiently by understanding their values and how their brain works best.

My Coaching Methods: I coach male and female leaders all over the world through coaching conversations conducted over the phone or via Zoom. This provides all my clients with the utmost safety and confidentiality. I’m a listening ear that will allow you to share whatever is necessary, guide you to new awareness, implement new practices and hold you accountable to the outcomes you’d like to achieve. I will support your coaching goals with assessments, frameworks for developing values, healthy communication, conflict management and much more.

Team Coaching &/or Training can be arranged at your site. Here are some topics I’ve presented with various Christian teams, but we can discuss what your team most needs.

Eight Qualities of Healthy Teams

The Power of Great Communication & Conflict Resolution

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Coaching Your Team around the Leadership Square

What True Servant Leadership looks like

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