Leadership Coaching

Seasoned therapist turned certified coach with over 25 years of experience, specializing in guiding leaders and their teams toward transformative growth and personal development. Leveraging my extensive background as a licensed therapist, I transitioned into coaching a decade ago, driven by a passion to empower leaders to realize and walk in their true potential. My expertise lies in transforming limiting mindsets, enhancing emotional intelligence, achieving work-life balance, fostering team development, and improving communication while harnessing the power of healthy conflict resolution!

What I Can Offer Leaders Through Coaching

Areas Of Expertise

  1. Work / Life Balance: With over 27 years of experience as a therapist working with leaders in moments of trauma and pain, I bring valuable insights into my coaching practice. I see coaching as the essential “vitamin C” that prevents burnout and guides leaders towards sound decision-making.
  2. Mindsets: We all hold beliefs and mindsets that we’ve lived with without questioning their origins or alignment with the Lord’s truth. I have developed a tool to help clients examine their beliefs, identify negative mindsets, and replace them with the Lord’s perspectives.
  3. Communication: Clear communication of vision and direction is crucial for all leaders, and it can be honed and developed. Self-awareness and understanding your team are keys to success in this area.
  4. Conflict Management: Inability to handle conflict effectively is a common challenge for ministry leaders. I can guide you in confidently managing conflicts and using tools like the Conflict Dynamics Profile to gain insight into your conflict-handling style.
  5. Developing Strengths: As a Certified Strengths Champion Coach, I can help you transform your talents into strengths and leverage them to become an exceptional leader for your home and work teams.
  6. Team: I can assist you and your team in discovering and utilizing your collective strengths to empower unity, productivity, and the fulfillment of your mission. Explore the Team Coaching section to learn more about what I can offer to enhance your team’s dynamics.
  7. Spiritual Growth & Emotional Intelligence: These two aspects often intertwine with the pursuit of ministry/life balance. Many leaders recognize the need for spiritual growth and emotional intelligence to lead effectively and find joy in their lives.
    • Spiritually: Pastors and leaders may find it challenging to admit when their spiritual life needs improvement. I understand how the demands of ministry can create wounds that affect one’s relationship with the Lord. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore these issues and foster growth.
    • Emotionally: High emotional intelligence is essential for leaders in today’s world. It’s a skill that can be learned and developed. Together, we can use assessments and practices to enhance self-awareness and improve your ability to lead both at home and work.

My Coaching Approach

I work with male and female leaders worldwide through coaching conversations conducted over the phone or via Zoom. This approach ensures the utmost safety and confidentiality. I provide a listening ear, guiding you to new insights, implementing effective practices, and holding you accountable to your desired outcomes. I support your coaching goals with assessments, frameworks for values development, healthy communication strategies, conflict management tools, and more. 

Interested In Learning More?

Please feel free to email me at tonyawaechtercoaching@gmail.com or call/text me at 415-539-5368 to schedule a no-obligation inquiry call.