Assessments I’m Certified In

I believe in the transformative power of comprehensive assessment tools. These tools help individual leaders, and teams, uncover their strengths, identify areas for growth, and chart a path to greater effectiveness and fulfillment. Here are the assessments I’m certified in and passionate about using with leaders and teams:


The StrengthsFinder assessment, developed by Gallup, helps individuals identify their unique strengths out of 34 themes. By highlighting where you naturally excel, it empowers you to leverage your strengths for greater productivity and fulfillment. Whether for career enhancement or personal growth, the StrengthsFinder provides actionable insights to maximize your potential.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is an assessment tool designed to help individuals understand how they respond to conflict. It identifies both constructive and destructive behaviors, providing insights into personal conflict triggers and patterns. The CDP offers strategies to improve conflict resolution skills, enhance communication, and foster better relationships in personal and professional settings.

The Maxwell DISC assessment integrates John Maxwell’s leadership principles with the traditional DISC personality framework. It focuses on leadership development, offering personalized feedback and practical strategies for growth. With detailed reports and a focus on application, it helps improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance team dynamics, all within the context of Maxwell’s proven leadership insights.


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