Marital/Pre-Marital Coaching

 What I can offer? 

Experience – I worked as a marriage and family therapist for over 20 years. I’ve counseled hundreds of couples and families, including many ministry couples. I bring that expertise into my coaching with you.

Marriage Coaching: I help couples grow in their communication, conflict resolution, spiritual growth, emotional and physical intimacy. I understand the pressures ministry couples face and help them address these honestly as well as set up strategies for doing ministry well as they protect their marital relationship.

I love to help couples get unstuck and move forward with greater joy and fulfillment in their marriage.

Methods: Based on the couple’s desired outcomes I have a variety of tools we can utilize, which include but are not limited to; assessments, communication & life balance tools, personality inventories, values activities, etc.  

Coaching is NOT counseling! Couples recovering from an affair, seeking healing for various addictions, dealing with abuse need to seek therapy first. If unsure what step you need, I offer a 30 minute inquiry call at no charge. Contact me at

Pre-Marital Coaching: As a SYMBIS trained coach, I work from that assessment which looks at the key areas a couple preparing for marriage need to talk about; spiritual walk, personality issues, sexual expectations, roles, finances, support or lack of from family & friends and more. I’m able to enhance these discussions due to my therapy experience.

For couples interested in a pre-marital coaching experience on steroids, I put both my SYMBIS & certified Strengths Training together and offer a SYMBIS + Strengths package that takes the couples leaps forward in understanding how they think, communicate and work best together.


The SYMBIS package includes the assessment and 6 hours of coaching.

The SYMBIS + Strengths package includes both the SYMBIS & Strengths Finder assessments plus 12 hours of coaching.

If you’d like to learn more, email me for a free 30 minute inquiry call at