Coaching Church Planters

Church planting is a dynamic and demanding endeavor! It involves developing and articulating a vision, fundraising, evangelism, team building, marketing strategies, service planning, location scouting, community engagement, leadership connections, sermon preparation, and the continuous need for fundraising.

What I Can Offer Church Planters Through Coaching

Balance: Many church planters struggle to balance the demands of launching a new ministry with their personal lives, including family and sometimes additional income-generating jobs. However, achieving this balance is possible with the right strategies and systems. I can help you develop a plan that ensures your spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical well-being while fulfilling your ministry’s demands.

Creating & Casting Vision: Every church planter must answer the fundamental question, “What is the purpose of the ministry the Lord is calling me to establish?” I can guide you in extracting and refining the vision the Lord has placed in your heart and mind. Together, we can craft a clear and compelling vision statement that can be effectively communicated to others.

Team Development: Building a core team is essential for church planters, but identifying the right individuals with the necessary qualities, character traits, and strengths can be challenging. I can assist you in identifying the ideal team members and collaborate with you to establish healthy communication, connection, and conflict resolution strategies that form a strong foundation for your ministry’s growth.

Healthy Culture: Church planters have a unique opportunity to establish the qualities that foster a strong, thriving culture within their ministry from the outset. I can help you explore these essential characteristics and provide guidance on their practical implementation, enabling you to build a healthy organizational culture from the very beginning.

Interested In Learning More?

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