Coaching for Individuals, Teams and Groups

My vision is to see Christian leaders who are healthy; spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. I want to come alongside Christian leaders through coaching and help them find joy in their calling with a healthy view of work/life balance.

What I offer:

Individual Coaching:  I can help leaders develop a more harmonious lifestyle, grow spiritually, develop emotional health, strengthen their relationship skills, move through a life transition, create strategies for good decision making, be more effective in their overall leadership qualities, in their communication skills, as well as building and maintaining a healthy team. I have a passion for helping Christian leaders find fulfillment and productivity in the calling the Lord has given them as well as step into their dreams and live the life God intended for them.

I work with individuals and couples all over the country via phone and/or video sessions. The benefits of such sessions include the convenience of not ever having to leave your home or office in order to meet with me. For many leaders this gives them a feeling of safety to be more open.

Group Coaching: I offer virtual or phone line groups where leaders can come together for encouragement, support, growth and learning. We utilize the power of the group for gaining multiple new perspectives on leadership principles and work/life balance. These groups are confidential, non-judgmental, safe zones!

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Team Coaching: I can help a team work more effectively together by developing an atmosphere of camaraderie, appreciating and utilizing each person’s unique gifts and talents to fulfill the mission of the church. I can teach healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. I can also help work through tough transitions and overcome the pain of traumatic events.

One of my passions is to see churches with healthy leadership in place; following the Lord’s example. I believe a church staff should function differently than any other team; it’s not just a business, it’s a ministry whose main goal should be connecting people to Christ.

Timeline and fees for team coaching will vary depending on your needs. I want to tailor the work to meet your specific team. Call or email me for more information – or 916-955-0798.

Premarital Coaching using SYMBIS assessment: There is no greater investment into a marriage than making the time to really work through important relational issues. SYMBIS is the best strategy on the market for this. I will help you take the time to work through the results in depth and prepare for a loving, lasting commitment in your marriage. Typically involves 6 – 1 hour sessions or 3 – 2 hour sessions.