Personal Life

I’ve been serving the Lord for over 40  years and I can’t imagine life without Him. He gives me the strength and hope I need to face each day. I’m continuing to learn that when I give Him the “wheel” of my life each day and not just in crisis moments, things go much smoother.

The next most important person in my life is my husband. We’ve been married for 30 years and have raised two amazing young men, whom I home schooled all the way through. Now in their 20’s, we’ve moved into the next chapter of our lives, being parents of adult children. It’s exciting and nerve racking at times, as they make their way in the world! Lots of prayer and trusting the Lord to guide them!

We live in San Francisco and have always shared our home (beds, furniture, etc.) with many gratefully rescued friends. The recent count is down to one dog and two cats.