Coaching Packages I Offer

I charge a fee for my coaching because it ensures that both you and I are committed to growth and professionalism. It holds us both accountable for bringing our best to the coaching journey. The fee is negotiable based on the individual, church, or organization’s budget. Contact me for a complimentary inquiry call to discuss this further.

Individual Leader: Coaching grows with time, and so the minimum package I offer is 3 months, but I recommend at least 6 – 12 months to really see stable growth. A package includes two 60-minute calls per month (phone or virtual), 15-minute spot calls in between our coaching sessions as needed, and email access. A bonus 30-minute check-up call 3 months after our last session is also included.

Team Coaching: The initial call will be to determine the greatest need of your church/organization and develop the best plan for meeting that need. Many churches/organizations invest thousands of dollars in large one-time training sessions that last a day or a weekend, only to find months later that nothing or very little has changed. That’s why I’m committed to coaching over a period of at least 3, and preferably 6 – 12 months to help a church/organization step into long-term health. Some options I’ve offered…

  • On-Site or Virtual team coaching around issues such as healthy communication, conflict resolution, working smarter, not harder, building healthy, productive teams, team strengths (utilizing the very popular Strengths Finder assessment), etc. This is followed up with at least 3 months of monthly or bimonthly team coaching sessions and/or individual coaching sessions for members of the team.
  • Coaching of Individual Team Members – this can look like individual coaching sessions for a few or all members of your staff or leaders, or you can contract a set number of sessions per month and rotate who most needs to utilize those sessions.

Interested In Learning More?

Please feel free to email me at or call/text me at 415-539-5368 to schedule a no-obligation inquiry call.