Master Mind Group

This group is designed to help ministry leaders learn how to better …

  • Equip your team for success
  • Form & Coach your dream team
  • Create the Right Climate to Identify and Raise Potential Leaders

 What it will look like?

  • A small group (6 – 8) leaders meeting via Zoom
  • This will be a closed group; no one will be added once we begin
  • We’ll discuss key principles, how to put them into practice in your specific situation, and create action plans
  • This group will be about encouragement, building one another up while stretching and growing! 

When Is The Group?

October 6 – November 17th, Thursdays 12 – 1:30pm

Who Will Be Leading The Group?

Tonya Waechter, MA, ACC is an ICF certified and Maxwell Leadership coach with more than 20 years of experience working with pastoral teams and leaders. or 916-955-0798