I have over 25 years experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist; helping individuals, couples and families who desire health in the following areas…

Communication Skills – Learning to communicate better comes by understanding core issues that get triggered, practicing whole body listening and sharing thoughts and feelings more clearly!

Conflict – Our society has lost the art of resolving conflict well. Conflict doesn’t have to be scary, when utilizing healthy steps it can lead to great reward!

Self-Concept – Many have allowed a negative narrative to rob them of their peace & joy. I’ve developed a tool for learning how to replace negative mindsets with the truth of what God says!

Managing Anxiety and Depression – Utilizing tools from neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy, I help clients develop better coping mechanisms.

Couple Relationship – Over the years, I’ve had the honor of coming alongside couples who have been devastated by painful decisions, adultery, misguided anger and see them heal and create a healthy, strong marital bond centered on the Lord!

Premarital counseling – I’m trained in SYMBIS and love utilizing this tool with those getting married for the first time, or remarriage.

Christian Leaders

I have a passion for those in Christian Leadership, especially pastors! Having served alongside my husband in various ministry positions, as well as working with leaders in therapy, I understand some of the unique issues pastors face. Disappointment, frustration, pressure and imbalance follow those in ministry. It’s my heart to be that listening ear that many leaders lack and help them stay connected (or reconnect) to their Lord; hearing His voice above all others!!

I have worked with leaders dealing with very sensitive issues such as…

  • marital infidelity
  • pornography addiction
  • anger issues
  • inability to manage conflict with their spouse and/or their team

I want to provide a safe place to honestly face these issues and get healing; Call Me!! 916-955-0798 to set up a 20 – 30 minute no charge inquiry call.

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