My recently completed webinar series: Sabbath for Leaders is now available at no cost and on demand!

Pastor/Life Coach John Gregory and I shared three 30-minute webinars over a three month period looking at many different issues around Sabbath and rest for Christian Leaders. We looked at what the Lord says about Sabbath, the myths and roadblocks that keep us from Sabbath and finally how to design your own individual Sabbath. Check them each out below…

Part One: Mind, Body & Soul – http://bit.ly/2D3fO16

Part Two: Roadblocks to Rest – http://bit.ly/2yZ0YUS

Part Three: Your Exit to Rest – http://bit.ly/2D2xARN

If you’d like to process more around this area or any other, reach out to me for a no cost inquiry call! 916-955-0798 or tonyawaechtercoaching@gmail.com