Leadership Coaching

I believe Christian Leaders who live healthy, harmonious lives will rock this world for Jesus. I also know those same leaders face many challenges. The first statement alone can feel like an overwhelming weight on their shoulders.

I love to come along side leaders and support them in making healthy life style and leadership decisions. I have a passion for seeing leaders grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. As your coach, I will put all my skills to work for you. I’m an encourager but I’m also not afraid to ask those tough questions and hold you accountable for your desired outcomes. I can help you gain new insights through various methods such as (but not limited to) active listening, brainstorming, values clarification, utilizing assessments, finding your strengths, and exploring areas of growth. I will help you develop new strategies for overcoming any obstacles that keep you from realizing your goals and walking in the life the Lord has for you!

In my 23 years as a licensed marital and family therapist, I sat across from far too many leaders who had hit the wall; losing their family, ministry, emotional and physical health, broken and downcast. I developed a passion to help leaders never get to that point.

Most of my coaching is conducted over the phone which provides the leader; safety, convenience and freedom to work through tough issues when necessary.

Ready to soar? Email me tonyawaechtercoaching@gmail.com or call me 916-955-0798 to set up a 20 – 30 minute no charge inquiry call.